Individual finishes

tl_files/icons_ausruestung/icons_ausruestung/icons_web-10.png   FC Fluorcarbon finish
With an FC finish the fabric becomes hydrophobic, i.e. water, dirt and oil-repellent.

FR Flame-retardant finish
The outside of the fabric is given a flame-retardant finish with the help of various substances. This is done using either a dip coating or padding process.


IRR Infrarot remission
By embedding IR particles in the dye, the remission spectrum is influenced in such a way that is difficult or even impossible to detect the respective fabric with a night vision camera.

Certain colours require additional pigment printing.


PU Polyurethane
Polyurethane is used for waterproof compact coatings, micro-porous and non-porous coatings. PU-coated polyamide or polyester fabrics are water and windproof, abrasion and cold-resistant.


FR PU Flame-retardant polyurethane coating
A polyurethane-based coating with embedded flame-retardant substances that reduce combustibility.


Synthetic rubber
Elastic polymers from which rubber is produced are called synthetic rubber. This coating features good flame protection coupled with high abrasion values.


Vector protection
Finish against all kinds of vectors (vector = insects transmitting disease). The basic material is permethrin which acts like a nerve poison for the vectors and prevents bites and landings.


PVC coating
PVC (polyvinylchloride) absorbs hardly any water, is resistant against acids, alkaline solutions, alcohol, oil and fuel. It extinguishes quickly if it is not exposed to external flames. Because of the high chlorine content, PVC is flame-retardant in contrast to other technical plastics such as polyethylene or polypropylene.


Silicone finish
The fabric is coated with a very thin layer of silicone. This is important for parachutes to reduce the friction when opening the parachute in the air.


Embedding silver ions has an antimicrobial effect, prevents the growth of bacteria, is hypoallergenic, prevents the microbial development of odour in or on textiles and thus improves the hygiene of textiles.

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